Notes or Connections?

I happened to listen in on a debate recently about why we keep going back to email when we harp about social tools to communicate.

The premise is interesting:

We have Connections that lets people share and collaborate via Activities, Blogs, File sharing and posting messages on your Profile board.

We also have Lotus Notes which is the traditional email that we’re so used to accessing every now and then to check if someone has something to say to us.

While most of us have Lotus Notes open and running the entire day, very few of us can say the same thing about being logged into Connections all day long. Email still is our primary mode of communication. Primarily, we all belong to the email culture. When I have some piece of information that I need to share with my team mates, the first urge is still to open a new email message and send it out. It is a habit that will take some conscious efforts to move away from.

I know a few who have successfully managed to move to Connections as their preferred mode of communication, but they are not very many in number.  They too, however, need to have their mail apps running all day. Reason? Communication is a two way thing. They may use Connections but most people they interact with are still email-first people.

While i’m an email person who knows i should be using more of Connections rather than Lotus Notes, i’d like to know about you:


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