Pull-out ads: Push-out users!

Probably due to the fact that users have developed “banner blindness” – a tendency to ignore the website banners and the ads that appear in that space, website designers and marketing teams are resorting to new ways of placing ads and making sure they get noticed.

Here’s what a popular news site has consistent resorted to doing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What they don’t realize (or they probably do but are willing to take their chances anyway) is that such in-your-face advertising is a sure-shot way to irritate the end user… specially if your site is a news portal.

You cannot expect your users to be happy when for 10 seconds (more or less does not matter), you take away their capability to navigate to more news/content that they are really interested in and instead show them some dumb ad for products they probably don’t need or are not interested in!

This is not smart advertising… but it sure is an innovative way of telling your users they don’t matter!


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