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Getting rid of unwanted smartness: Fixing the Notes contacts suggestion drop-down

Today is the fifth time in the last couple of weeks that I sent out a design email to an operations person who had nothing to do with it!

Why? I typed in a name, didn’t bother to check the email address that got selected and hit send. The email went out to the first contact with that name in the suggested contacts list that shows up when you start typing names in the To or CC or Bcc fields.

Sadly, that name was someone who i was dealing with very frequently when i was in a different role. But I’m now at the risk of spamming his inbox with stuff from my new design role.

I decided to fix this once and for all.. and a fleeting doubt crossed my mind. Is this even fixable?

Thankfully, it was! A pretty easy fix too.

I got to know that Notes populates the suggestions from the “Recent Contacts” section. So if you want someone to stop showing up in the suggestion, Open the Contacts Database and Remove the unwanted contact from Recent Contacts

I’ve setup my recent contacts now like I want them to be.

Happy cleaning up your contact list.