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Giving back

There’s been a lot of buzz around the IBM centennial year and rightly so. There aren’t a whole lot of companies out there who can boast of a rich legacy of innovations for a century.. and what better way to celebrate this milestone than engage in something that defines your legacy best: Service!

The opening line of Sam Palmisano’s foreword in “Making the World better” goes: “One simple way to assess the impact of any organization is to answer the question: how is the world different because it existed?”

As a CEO, it is his confidence and belief in the organization he leads, that would give him the courage to openly put forth such a question to general public. He would know that when it comes to IBM, the bullet-list of answers to this question is both impressive and well, endless… with community service probably somewhere at the very top.

It is this legacy of community service that tops IBM’s agenda of celebrations as well. Per StreetTalk, Forbes, as of June 9th, more than half of IBMers worldwide have pledged their time for public service in honor of the centennial.

That was a week before the actual centennial day. I’m sure the numbers will be much higher come June 16th.