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Dr Watson for rural healthcare?

In February this year, IBM held an Innovate JAM for all it’s India employees. While the participation was overwhelming, what was really interesting to note was that there was a lot of discussion and ideas around the “Smarter Planet” theme. IBMers chipped in, trying to identify real problems in India, rural India in particular, and more importantly, trying to identify how these could be solved!!

A discussion i personally remember reading and contributing to was regarding healthcare in rural india and what we could do to improve this. The crux of the discussion was to pretty much set up manned/unmanned kiosks with computers who can diagnose symptoms, suggest treatment options and the closest available hospitals/specialists who they could go to.

With IBM’s very own Watson now being prepared to work as a medical tool, the real-world implementation of something like this does not seem far away anymore!

Well, maybe building a smarter planet is not impossible after all.. if we just decide to take it one problem at a time and use our expertise to best solve it. I trust our intentions, i trust our expertise too!!

That is a good feeling…


Is it really possible?

In India, i mean…

Sure.. the world is getting Instrumented, Interconnected, Intelligent. We’ve been hearing about Smarter Banking, Smarter Healthcare, Smarter Governance, Smarter Education, Smarter Cities, Smarter everything… but that’s all elsewhere right now.  Elsewhere as in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, etc. All these are places with basic infrastructure and systems in place.

I look around me and wonder, for a country like ours that lives by the order in chaos, how soon can this be a reality? Where do we start? What do we start with first?

Is it really possible?